Monday, 13 February 2012

Why, Star Wars fans?


It's Friday Voni here, Rich has asked me to fill in because him and Matt are off out to watch The Phantom Menace in 3D. I only just remembered I'd promised to do this now, because I was too busy watching old Kathy Griffin shows (DON'T JUDGE ME, she's hilarious and you know it).

On the subject of Star Wars, I want to ask all you fans something. As an outsider, I just don't get why you put up with this crap. They bring out the horrible prequels and you took it. Before they did that they brought out the Holiday Special, and you took it. Now there's the Blu Ray set so you can buy the whole series again just so you can watch the Ewoks blink. And now, they'll be releasing all six movies in sodding 3D which a) will look crap because it wasn't filmed for 3D, b) will stiff you for yet another cinema ticket for movies you've already seen, and c) will be awful because 3D is awful and we all know it.

Why are you putting up with this, fans? What is it? Does George Lucas have massive gambling debts that I'm not aware of that you've all committed to helping him pay off? Have you been brainwashed by the mighty power of the hideousness of Jar Jar Binks? What's going on here?

I mean, if they're going to bring out 3D versions of the movies, you'd think they'd at least start with the good ones.

I'm just saying.

*Prepares for avalanche of hate*.

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